Digital government is a critical building block in Saudi Arabia’s long-term strategy to create a more sustainable economy and develop its public service sectors. A cornerstone of Saudi Arabia’s digital government initiative lies in its comprehensive e-government infrastructure that guides the kingdom’s digital transformation journey by supporting other government entities in developing, deploying, and regulating digital government services.

The National Transformation Program’s report indicated that there are over 6,000 digital government services available, which account for 97 percent of all government services. These platforms serve as centralized hubs, offering easy access to a diverse array of public services.  Empowering citizens and residents alike, these digital platforms facilitate smooth and convenient transactions, information retrieval, and interaction with government entities. These measures have reinforced Saudi Arabia’s position as the fastest growing and largest digital economy in the Middle East and North Africa.

Scribe Minds and Media seeks pride in hosting the Kingdom e-governance Summit in order to address the key initiatives in alignment with the Saudi Vision 2030

Key Themes

Regulations and Policies

It is important to closely monitor and govern the form of interaction with citizens, business and other govt. entities. These regulations and policies cover a wide range of areas including data privacy, cybersecurity, accessibility, digital infrastructure, and many more. This theme will cover how regulations and policies are continually evolving in response to technological advancements, changing societal needs, and emerging challenges.

Technology and Innovation

Technology and innovation play crucial roles in advancing e-governance, improving efficiency, transparency, accessibility, and citizen engagement. Innovation in e-governance is not only about adopting new technologies but also about leveraging these technologies to transform government processes, improve service delivery, and enhance citizen participation and satisfaction.

Vulnerability and Organizational Resilience

Vulnerability and resilience are critical considerations in the context of e-governance, given the reliance on digital technologies and the potential for disruptions and threats. Given the unprecedented speed of digital developments, they have created a new type of vulnerability which can affect create new set of challenges for the institutes and organizations. To enhance resilience and mitigate vulnerabilities in e-governance, governments must adopt various strategies and best practices.

Vendor Categories


AI and ML

Data Hosting and Storage

Cybersecurity / Information Security

Cloud Infrastructure

Data Management

Open Platforms

Data Advanced Analytics

Business Intelligence

Managed Services


Digital Twins

Key Objectives

Showcase Innovation
Highlight the latest technologies, and strategies that businesses can implement to stay competitive in the e-governance space
Thought Leadership
Position the conference as a platform for industry leaders to share insights and best practices in e-governance
Networking Opportunities
Emphasize the chance for businesses to connect with potential partners, clients, and collaborators.
Return on Investment
Illustrate how sponsoring and attending the conference can lead to tangible ROI through increased potential customer interaction.
Case Studies
Share success stories of businesses that have transformed e-governance achieved remarkable results.

Our Speakers

Names will be revealed shortly

Job Tittles

  • Ministers, Deputies, Ambassadors, Councils and Parliamentary Members and Board of Directors
  • Presidents, Directors, Officers, Heads of Depts. of Police, Armed Forces and Civil Defense
  • Presidents, Directors, Executives from Government & Business Organizations
  • Managers, Executives and Heads of Departments in Strategic Planning and Performance Assessment
  • Managers and Executives of IT Departments, Government Projects, e Transactions and Services
  • Project Managers, Developers, Network Engineers, and Information Security Professionals
  • Managers, Deans of Universities and Officials involved in the Development of Smart Education
  • Managers, Executives and Heads of Departments of Customer Service and Call Centers
  • Managers, Executives and Heads of Departments in PR, Marketing and Consulting Companies All Stakeholders from Government and Business Organizations and related Subject Specialists

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